International Women’s Day: 7 Quick Ways to Celebrate

For over a hundred years International Women’s Day Women’s Day (IWD) has occurred on the 8th March.
Fact file for NOW:
60% of people who cannot read are women.
23% of people are women in national parliaments worldwide.
Women, on average, earn 25-40% less than men who do the same job.


These facts, thankfully, are being addressed by nations, businesses and organisations like the United Nations.

International Women's Day
International Women’s Day

For me it is a day of gratitude, reflection and hope.

Gratitude for the recognition and increased efforts to promote women’s roles within the home, workplace and community.

Reflection on ways to increase participation of women in executive roles that generate vision and mission within the workplace and community. The female voice should be heard within the vision and mission.

Hope for a future where people of all gender stand beside each other in a world filled with equality and peace—a world we create together.

My own experience!

Like many women, I too have experienced gender discrimination at various times of my life. Sometimes the  discrimination was distinctly obvious. One of my worst experiences of discrimination occurred as I applied for a bank loan to buy a block of land and build a house. The interview for the loan with the bank manager was short and straight to the point.

After introducing himself and making polite conversation about my work as a teacher, an entertainer and my excellent savings record with the bank, he openly stated:

‘I cannot recommend the bank giving you a loan.’

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘You are single! You might get pregnant! How would you pay the mortgage?’

That was in 1987 after I returned from overseas with a deposit and had secured a permanent middle management teaching position. I was shocked and annoyed as I left the bank. I walked around a corner and into a building society. The building society had a woman as their manager. My experience horrified her. Sally recommended the society grant me a loan. Within a matter of weeks with the loan approved, I began my property investment portfolio.

My personal experiences as a woman make me determined to enjoy and celebrate International Women’s Day, and; I believe you should too regardless of your gender. It’s a day for people who strive to break down barriers. The barriers that stop us becoming the best we can be as a species.

Here are my suggestions for you to experience as the day approaches.

7 Quick Ways Celebrate International Women’s Day.

1.     Discover what femininity is for you. Define it. Write it down. Then go find it within yourself and show it.

2.     Look inside every person you greet today and connect with their femininity. We can find femininity within people of all genders. Now! Go celebrate it.

3.     Start a conversation about gender issues. Use facts as stated above to get the dialogue going.

4.     Go for a reflective walk and embrace the feminine beauty that surrounds you in nature, in what we as a species create and within yourself as a woman.

5.     Have the mandatory toast to solute the role of women past, present and future. Preferably with other people. Attend a function held for the day.

6.     Wear the colours—purple, white and green. Any shade will do…

7. Visit the International Woman’s Day website and post a reflective comment on one of the pages.

Now! Go out to the world! Enjoy and celebrate International Women’s Day as a day of gratitude, reflection and hope.

Please share what you intend to do or did in the comment section.

Bye for now.
Regards and Blessings

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I am a teacher, speaker and author. I help women realise their potential to lead and raise their voice so as they create life-giving communities within the home, school, workplace and the world. I also love to restore old fountain pens and sing.

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