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I strive to live to inspire! I fall short of the mark often. Usually because of my own inability to handle a lack of communication and consistency. Leadership attributes are the answer.

Leadership Attributes Model
Leadership Attributes

Communication and consistency are two attributes described in my book. That book is called Leadership Attributes for Women and Men: Leading Community in Disruptive Times.

Details on how to get the book and a free journal designed to accompany the book are given below.

The simplicity of Leadership Attributes.

Writing the book has inspired me to create this blog. Even without reading the book, which I hope you will do, you can get a FREE MODEL (PDF) describing each of the attributes. Simply subscribe to this blog. Hit the link at the end of this blog.

The leadership attributes described in the book are not just a set of beliefs to try live up to when seeking to lead or working in leadership roles. They are little gems that you can bring forth every moment of every day to make this world a more beautiful place for yourself and for others. They can also be a ‘game changer’. The use of the attributes can cause a shift in your own sense of self-being and purpose. However, it is hoped that as you grow through the use of the attributes, you will be blessed and graced with seeing the joy within humanity. In this way, as so many great leaders have shown, you can live your life to the full in happy and in sad times while making a positive difference for the good of all. An underlining action is to be consistent and clear in communication.

The book is available at Amazon and other distributors as an ebook and Amazon for softcover. So check it out, read it and please write an honest review.

GET YOUR  FREE JOURNAL to accompany the book HERE.

The journal has words of WISDOM and MANDELAS to colour. Plenty of space for you to write your thoughts.

Visit my dedicated web page on this site to view the BOOK  and get the direct links to Amazon and other distributors.

Don’t forget to get you FREE MODEL (PDF) of the Leadership Attributes by subscribing to this blog so  Click below…

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