The Love found in a Christmas card from you

The love found in a Christmas card can be underestimated by many of us. Hence, many are never sent. The gift of time given in the writing, stamping and posting expresses friendship, respect and enduring connection filled with the hope that we will meet again one day.

The Love found in a Christmas card from you
Christmas Card

Christmas cards – my salvation

Christmas cards were my salvation as an entertainer working overseas. Whether I was singing on a luxurious yacht or upon the moors of Devon (UK), at the Stag Hunters Inn where a helicopter dropped food supplies during a week long snow blizzard. Sincerely, the Chrissy cards that arrive over Christmas were a blessing and salvation because someone remembered me… I was not forgotten… I was alone. 

I agree that Christmas cards are not the only form of communication with people you regularly see. However, there are old friends and acquaintances who you can reach out to through a card. Who knows? Your card could be a saving grace which fills their hearts with love as they reflect upon fond memories realising they are not forgotten and not alone. 

Connection and reconnection are serious buzz words to celebrate over the festive season. 

Your Mission…

Try to think of someone who has fallen off your radar? Can you reconnection through a Christmas card? Could you spare the gift of time to deliver it personally? 

One year, as the festive season approached, I was so grateful for the cards I received that I wrote the words to the following song. Yes! You guessed it… on the moors of Devon in the middle of a blizzard. 

Have a Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love and Blessings

Song of Christmas Spirit (Vicky McGahey 1986)  

For to me Christmas opens the friendship door
and I find myself a-reaching through the years
To grasp the hand of someone very dear to me
it’s something I would not forget.

Christmas lights Christmas nights   
Christmas toys and Christmas joy 
The thrill of a Santa riding high in the sky  
The grace in the giving the joy in the receiving  
And to me Christmas means so much more…  

For to me Christmas opens the friendship door   
and I find myself a-reaching through the years  
To grasp the hand of someone very dear to me  
it’s something I would not forget.  

Have you ever wondered why I send you a card   
every year at this joyous season  
It’s not because it seems the right thing to do  
No to me it means so much more  

I wonder through the years meeting many people  
A new face seems to greet me every day on my way  
I feel so blessed I could shout from the highest steeple  
To be sure you all hear just what I say  

The Christmas bells all ring through the hills they are a ringing  
The choirs all sound with one a-chord to our Lord  
A child will be born, a king in the making and  
His reign will be one with our God.  

The Love found in a Christmas card from you.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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