Want to be Positive in Life? Lead with Grace

Grace is a powerful word. Yet it can evoke within us a sense of softness and calmness. Grace is more often seen in action as a movement or a simple act – usually one of kindness and graciousness. The in-depth meaning of grace has historical and cultural significance. Grace is as complex as it is simple.

Lead with Grace
Lead with Grace

The poem below is an attempt to present the mystery, purpose and meaning to the word ‘grace’. It is the first words I wrote in contemplation upon grace.

Lead with Grace

Grace is not seen, but is felt
Often not spoken, but is heard in the silence.
Not always found in an act, but through inaction.
Divine but also human – a gift we can pass on to others.

Grace is all around me as I place you at the centre of my thoughts.
It is both a presence and a place.
A connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Grace seeks wisdom and wisdom seeks grace.
Grace can be found in a great temple and in a grain of sand.
On the breath of the wind and in the charism of a good person.

Grace is life-giving, it calls us to serve.
Grace is in the present, past and future as it will be in the end.
Grace is but a moment in time.

Grace lives within us –
In all of us.

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A person of Grace

There is one significant person in my life who was grace personified. Her name was Claire Poole. She was my singing teacher, mentor and lifelong friend. Sadly, Claire passed away a few years ago.

Claire was the most elegant and eloquent person I ever met. You knew when she was in the room and hence her presence brought smiles of warmth and joy. Claire spoke thoughtfully upon what she shared in conversation. She would make you feel as if you were the most important person in the world. Claire gave you her full attention and really listened as you spoke.

Claire was always there.

Hence, she still is for those of us blessed to have known her. Claire remains in our hearts for she is always there.

Some questions for you to consider.

Reflect upon these and share your thoughts below if you wish…

• Do you have a ‘Claire’ in your life? Can you name a person who personifies grace?
• Why have you chosen them? List the reasons?
• Reflect upon the reason why is it important to strive for grace within the person we are?
• What attributes/qualities do you need to lead with grace?
• List the steps can you take towards becoming a person who is grace-filled/graceful?
• How will you become a person who personifies grace and so, begin to ‘lead with grace in all you do?’

In the ‘Amazon Best Selling’ book Lead with Grace: Leading Community in Disruptive Times, I describe the concept of ‘lead with grace.’ The book briefly describes the words and actions of past and present leaders who led with grace. They were blessed with a graceful vision that led to a grace-filled mission that was a call to action. Hopefully, the stories should evoke a ‘sense of the spirit’ of what it is to lead with grace.

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Bye for now
Regards and Blessings,
Vicky (vickymcgahey.com)

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Photograph credit: Kirill Pershin at unsplashed.

I am a teacher, speaker and author. I help women realise their potential to lead and raise their voice so as they create life-giving communities within the home, school, workplace and the world. I also love to restore old fountain pens and sing.

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