The Hourglass of Lochleigh

The Hourglass of Lockleigh
The Hourglass of Lochleigh: The Rock and the Rainbow Serpent

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If you like urban fantasy & magical realism, suspense & mystery, then you will love Vicky McGahey’s thrilling debut novel!

The Hourglass of Lochleigh!

Twins Jonathan and Penny Lake, descendants of the first Jonathan Lake, are two feisty young Aussie kids who will follow in their ancestor’s footsteps when called upon to save the world from the dastardly Blotmorgues. They are joined by Yuri, who has grown up listening to the Dreaming stories of his people and has been entrusted with a powerful tool in the fight against evil. When the Aussie youngsters meet up with Seana, a distant English relative of the Lake family, then the team is complete, and together they take up the challenge to save the world.

Attending Lake School of Wizardry, the children study magic and the skills of a wizard with an Australian twist, and are encouraged to embrace ‘The Knowing’ – a gift that every wizard possesses.

The Blotmorgue family has long dabbled in the dark arts, and when the Hourglass of Lochleigh resurfaces the world is in great peril once more. When Baron Blotmorgue attempts to control the power of the Hourglass for his own evil purposes, ‘Mother Earth’ is faced with the possibility of eternal darkness. The Blotmorgue family’s reckless pursuit of power can only lead to disaster.

Join four young wizards-in-training as they race against time to save the world from evil. Find out if they can combat the evil of the Hourglass and take it to the one source that can overcome its dark power – the Rainbow Serpent of the Dreaming stories.

The Hourglass of Lochleigh is the first book in The Rock and the Rainbow Serpent series. If you like magic, suspense and mystery, then you’ll love Vicky McGahey’s debut novel!

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Vicky McGahey fiction. An epic fantasy filled with suspense, magic, wizards and a pirate. The Hourglass of Lochleigh: The Rock and The Rainbow Serpent.