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Hi. I’m Vicky, a writer, speaker, teacher and singer. In this blog, I hope to inspire women to unleash their ability to lead and find their voice. I will share with you my thoughts on leadership within a workplace, community and the home. Together, I hope to inspire a future for humankind filled with peace, charity and hope.

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I publish fiction and non-fiction books and I love to teach. Speaking at conferences are a thrill and singing a total delight. I have worked as a professional entertainer and writer of music most of my life. I have a doctorate in leadership.

Here’s the thing:

I believe we all have the unique ability to lead and create life-giving communities within the home, school, workplace and the world. We are called to lead every day in fact. This occurs when we ‘step up’ to serve. I want to help you unleash your unique ability to lead and create community. You don’t have to be someone with extraordinary ability, gifts or charisma. You need to find the will to search within yourself for the attributes and then take action to live them through your daily life.

If you sense a need to live to inspire and unlock your destiny through shared dialogue and collective wisdom, this is the place for you. On average, I publish one new article every month (more when I can).

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Leadership Attributes for Women and Men: Leading Community in Disruptive Times

Regards and Blessings, Vicky

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Women Who Lead Welcome. Women Who Lead Welcome

I am a teacher, speaker and author. I help women realise their potential to lead and raise their voice so as they create life-giving communities within the home, school, workplace and the world. I also love to restore old fountain pens and sing.

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