The Hourglass of e’hoch’e’en

The Hourglass of e'Hoche'en
The Hourglass of e’hoch’e’en: The Rock and the Rainbow Serpent

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If you like whirlwind adventures, plucky characters and unshakable bonds of friendship, then you’ll love this high-stakes tale.

Wizards-in-training Jonathan, Penny, Yuri, Seana and their companions believed they had saved everyone by destroying the deadly Hourglass of Lochleigh. But their triumph quickly turns to despair as they realise that there are still more dangerous relics in the world. Now, with the discovery of the Hourglass of e’hoch’e’en, the team and their magical and non-magical friends must race against time to prevent Mother Earth from plunging into eternal darkness.

With the wicked Baron Blotmorgue plotting to turn the Hourglass and release the evil, the young apprentices prepare for the ultimate showdown. But when they finally meet, one wizard must make a gut-wrenching sacrifice in the quest to save Mother Earth.

Each turn of the Hourglass brings the ultimate destruction closer … Can these young wizards save their world from a catastrophic fate?

The Hourglass of e’hoch’e’en is the second book in The Rock and the Rainbow Serpent series. Come and continue on the adventure that promises to reach beyond Mother Earth.

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Vicky McGahey fiction. An epic fantasy filled with suspense, magic, wizards and a pirate. The Hourglass of Lochleigh: The Rock and The Rainbow Serpent…