5 Authentic Reasons for Patience: The Gift of Time 2021

We wait patiently for scientists to find a vaccine for COVID and the pharmaceutical organisations to produce it. During this time, I have come to notice a lesser known quality developing within the general population. There is a growing acceptance for the predicament we find ourselves in, along with a quiet resolve – to keep moving on. This resolve is a key feature of a trait we call resilience. I believe acceptance and resilience are the hallmarks of patience. Patience is a virtue to develop within the self during times of crisis. For many, 2020 is a time of crisis unlike non other experienced in the modern world. There are 5 authentic reasons for patience as we head into 2021.

5 Authentic Reasons for Patience: The Gift of Time 2020
5 Authentic Reasons for Patience: The Gift of Time 2020


Patience is the ability to wait, to continue on doing something under duress. It can mean to suffer and endure without complaint. “Remain calm” is a term used to incite patience. As a teacher, I will strive to be patience when a student struggles with a concept or a piece of knowledge. Less so as the daughter of a mother who is getting younger as she grows older.

It was Picasso who said, “It takes a long time to grow young again.”

In case you are wondering, my mother is 96 years of age going on 4 years of age.

And, to a lesser extent, I will try to be patient with myself.

Patience is a virtue

Many see patience as a virtue and an admirable quality to possess. But what does this mean? What does “Patience is a virtue” mean? 

I believe it is the ability to wait without complaint or disquiet. Patience is an admirable quality to gain and nurture. It allows you to share a very special commodity – time. 

“The gift of your time is a most precious gift. So give it in silence and listen with your soul.

Vicky Mcgahey, 2020

There are 5 authentic reasons why it is important to develop the virtue of patience within yourself. Being patient:

  1. Allows you the gift of time to step back, observe and reflect
  2. Allows you to take the emotion out of the situation
  3. Encourages others to speak openly with you 
  4. People will respect you for your ability to be patient – a super skill in communication
  5. Patience is a way to bring kindness and peace

As my grandmother would say to my mother as a child…

“Patience is a virtue, a virtue is a grace, and those who have it will have a pretty face.”

My mother would take it one step further with me as a child… “and that is why you do not have a pretty face.”


  1. Do you agree with my reasons? Are there any other reasons you could add to the list?
  2. Reflect on a past situation(s) were you practiced or witnessed patience in action?
  3. What ‘potential’ difficult situation/argument/space can you see on the horizon?

Please write your answers in the comment section below.

Bye for now
Regards and Blessings,
Vicky (vickymcgahey.com)

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3 thoughts on “5 Authentic Reasons for Patience: The Gift of Time 2021

  1. Modern society is so pressured for speed, patience loses out.

    Patience allows one to explore and consider so many options of an issue – the material you are dealing with becomes so much richer.

    An ability to manage patience enhances one’s mental health – it produces a serenity and peace of mind in daily life- no stress.

    Patience gives one the ability to step inside the skin of others and look at the world through their eyes -provides acceptance and understanding

    Patience is a skill which promotes rhe ability to sustain a strength against any adversity. You can visualise that there will be an end or solution.

  2. Patience and remaining calm in all situations is paramount!
    How gratifying to give of one’s presence to the aged & infirm.

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