Communicate More, Not Less: This is Leading in Disruptive Times

In a crisis, the biggest mistake a leader can make is failing to communicate. This is leading community in disruptive times. So communicate more!

Communication can take many forms (e.g., oral and written) and use different mediums (e.g., auditory, visual, action). The art of communication is in crafting a message that is understandable and easily transmitted to others.

Communicate More
Communicate More, Not Less: This is Leading in Disruptive Times
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Communicate More

I often fail at this and allow emotion to overtake the facts that need to be communicated. Stop! Take a deep breath, step back and reflect on the WHY, WHAT and HOW of any communication. Yes! In that order for success.

The why, what and how

  • WHY is the message important and where does it lead?
  • WHAT is the message?
  • HOW will I deliver it?

The gift of time you give in planning and crafting your message is essential to communicate effectively during a time of crisis. This is when we need to plan for our survival – family, business and community.

US President Dwight Eisenhower, a former army general, once said,

“Plans are useless but planning is everything.”

You will not make one plan. You will make many plans as a situation unfolds. This can done as a family, work team and community. As one plan ends, pivot and swing in the direction you need to go. Flexibility is a critical element. Keeping everyone ‘onboard’ is crucial. 

A plan that involves everyone in the planning is the key. But how? Here are SIX points to help you deliver your message and plan.

Six points in communicating more

  1. Listen: Stop and listen

  2. Make a decision

  3. Communicate openly

  4. Be consistent in your message

  5. Get your message out – Use multiple channels to communicate

  6. Hold regular meetings

I have written an article called Communicate More, Not Less: Leading Community in Disruptive Times. Here you will find a detailed explanation of each point. It also provides tips on WHY, WHAT and HOW to Communicate more; not less, click the link here:

Communicate More, Not Less: Leading Community in Disruptive times.

However, the second point “make a decision” is important to consider here.

Be decisive! Make a decision. Speed will aways out-gun perfection. 

You need to move. Be not afraid to make a mistake! Or worry about the consequences of error. 

In a crisis, learn from the mistakes, and move forward. This is the art of scientific research. However, be careful because ‘over analysis leads to paralysis.’


In a crisis, keep moving and ‘lead forward.’

Leave the past behind to create a better future.

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