Hi Friends! My name is Vicky McGahey

I am a teacher, writer, speaker and singer. I help women realise their potential to lead so as they create life-giving communities within the home, school, workplace and the world. Please visit my blog.

I write books on leadership and real life fantasy for children and those young in heart. Restoring old fountain pens is one of my hobbies as well as scuba diving and long bush walks.

The Story

If you’re like most women I reach out to then you’re living a life filled with family, friends, work and community commitments. You’re inspired by the thought of creating life-giving communities. Whether it be in the home, school, workplace, sport, cultural, volunteer, charity and alike.
 Like me, you are striving to be of service while keeping a sensible balance with other aspects of your life:

  • Relationships with your family and friends
  • Health and your wellbeing
  • Development of your mind and spirit
  • Recreational time involving your interests and passions

Then there is your career as a woman who leads. There are many challenges to be met:

  • The ‘glass ceiling’–over-coming the historical and cultural norm that has kept women from becoming the leaders we need.
  • The self-doubt that many women feel as they step up out of followership into leadership.
  • Joining the ‘Club’–forming relationships with those who count.
  • And the all-time classic we women use–the family first. We forget that our happiness is linked directly to our family’s happiness. We are at our happiest when we achieve for ourselves first and then for others.

So you struggle to find the time and to keep motivated about the pursuits of your life. Community is a significant part of your being as you love to be with other people. But the formation of community is challenging and keeping it ‘alive’ even harder, and then, stepping up is tough as you have discovered:

No single style of thinking can answer every question; no single skill set that can achieve what needs to be done as a woman who leads. (Vicky McGahey)

Our reality…

We live in a world of disruption and in a time where change is a constant reality. 

Our leaders struggle with the chaotic environment of world politics, which brings with it crises in housing and finance, nations in civil war, acts of terrorism and refugees to countries struggling to remain economically viable.

You sense a higher purpose…the need to help…to be of service. You ask the question. What can I do? Without too much thought you realise you can act through service within your own circle of influence–your home, workplace and community.

We are all called to lead

It is time for women to step up and become leaders of business, government and community within a disruptive and chaotic world.

And so it is time for you to step up.

Therefore, you will seek to achieve your potential to lead community and to help others do the same. This can overwhelm, and for some of us as a woman, become a paralysing experience.

This is how it was for me as a young female leader within a school. I graciously accepted the role of Science Coordinator. Science, a subject I knew well, but I had little understanding of the leadership required to guide a diverse team of individuals. It took many hours of study in the field of leadership, learning and community to discover the essence of leadership–The qualities that lay within each of us. I call these Leadership Attributes and, for me they are a pivotal part of who I am.

I have prospered in all aspects of my life through the practice of those attributes.

The leadership attributes are the essence of leadership

A leader’s attributes are the essence of who they are and their leadership. 

And, for a woman, this is a natural phenomenon through the gift of intuition (a gift of womanhood). Our personal intuition enables us too easily seek the answers to life’s questions within us…not outside of us.

My Doctorate research revealed fifteen attributes for a person to develop within themselves as a leader as they endeavour to establish community. 

I have held senior management and executive roles in schools since my first leadership role (Bibliography- Vicky). As a person who is a teacher, I strive daily to live my life through these attributes.

Now! Here’s the thing!

Men can also ‘listen’ to their intuition. But it is not necessarily the first place they seek the answer to a problem or issue.

My Life has been a quest to find leaders who lead – especially women. The world cries out for women who lead. I hope to help you unleash your unique ability to lead a community whether that be in business, government or otherwise.

I hope to help you unleash your unique ability to lead a community whether that be in business, government or otherwise.

Every day I rise to seek ways to encourage and teach followers (women and men) to become leaders who know when it is time for them to step up and when it is time to step back and allow others to lead. I strive to create a community of leaders who believe:

Leadership within followership: followership through leadership. (Vicky McGahey)

And, every day I rise to seek the questions that need to be asked so as a dialogue between individuals and organisations can be initiated, communicated and fulfilled with compelling answers that move humankind toward a realistic, sustainable and life-giving future. 

What’s on offer for you!

I help women realise their potential to lead so as they create life-giving communities within the home, school, workplace and the world. My mission is to awaken the leadership attributes within you so as you can lead a community with courage and confidence. I love to spend time with people. That is why I have launched my leadership quest and adventure…

Through blogkeynote presentations, workshops, videos, and podcast (future) I am striving to create a community of like-minded thought leaders willing to step up and serve. I hope you will join me in this quest. Together we can create an inspiring life for ourselves, loved ones, friends and the world.

Click the link for a more detailed bibliography – Vicky McGahey

The Goodies to be shared


My first and new blog ‘Women Who Lead: Unlock Your Destiny’ is an opportunity for you to participate through comments on a variety of topics concerning leadership, community and the future for humankind. So please sign up to receive notification of blog posts and share your insights in the comments.

BOOKS…want the books?

One of my books is permanently FREE.

If you would like a FREE BOOK (PDF) called Lead with Grace: Leading Community in Disruptive Times – This is the Shepherd Metaphor click below…

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My book Leadership Attributes for Women and Men: Leading Community in Disruptive Times is a good place to start with leadership. I wrote the book to help guide readers toward the realisation that we are all called to lead. For me, Chapter Two is the pivotal chapter as it speaks of the ‘why’ we need to develop attributes within ourselves whether or not we seek to lead.

I have designed a Journal that accompanies the book. It is FREE and available right now to your email mailbox. So click below…

FICTION Books – Urban Fantasy & Magical Realism

I love to dream and imagine a life within and without of this reality. A life-long journey is finally being ‘put to the pen.’

I am the author of an urban fantasy & magical realism series. The series is called “The Rock and The Rainbow Serpent.” It is for children, young adults and those still young in heart. The series is based upon my passion for people, community and life. It is my attempt to explain through story the importance of leadership that is developed from within and the reason why others will follow. Women who lead, both young and old, feature significantly in this book and series. 

Book one is The Hourglass of Lochleigh

Book two is The Hourglass of E’hoch’e’en

Book three is The Hourglass of Ephesus

Book three will be released soon with book four being plotted within my dreams and reality as I write.

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These are little snippets of truth I wrote several years ago. They remain unchanged and speak a truth. I will be integrating them into my blog ‘Women who Lead’  You can view them here.

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Vicky McGahey

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