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Leadership Attributes For Women and Men: Leading Community in Disruptive Times

Vicky McGahey Leadership Books

Leadership Attributes For Women and Men: Leading Community in Disruptive Times.
Lead With Grace series by Vicky McGahey. 

Learn to lead with grace. 
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Vicky McGahey Leadership Books

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Want to improve your ability to lead?

Unlock your potential and transform your world.
Interested in stepping up as a leader in your organisation?
Do you want to break free from your follower mentality?
Dr Vicky McGahey is here to show you how.

With 25 years of leadership experience, McGahey has
​​​​​​​discovered 15 Leadership Attributes that all potential leaders possess.

Through extensive research findings, stories of famous leaders, and a series of mind-expanding questions, you’ll finally learn how to reveal your true potential to lead.

In Leadership Attributes for Women and Men, you’ll discover:

• How the attributes for leadership are already a part of who you are

• How to take advantage of transformational learning experiences to grow as a leader

• How to best provide your service to families, communities, and organisations

• How to once and for all make the choice to become a leader

• How to help others see leadership qualities in themselves, and much, much more!

When you learn that leadership isn’t a quantity you memorise, but a quality you must embody, you’ll become a better leader and a stronger person. McGahey’s insightful, timely book will empower you to lead in any industry or organisation. Through the book’s wise words, you’ll start the necessary changes within that will not only change you, but the world around you as well.

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Lead with Grace Leading Community in Disruptive Times

What people are saying…

‘Whether you’re seasoned as a leader or just starting out, this is defiantly worth checking out. The author was certainly meticulous in researching the topic and making thinks practical in understanding.’

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This book is a paradigm shift in thought, word and deed.