This page introduces the books by Vicky McGahey – Fiction and Non fiction. Click the links to get full details of each book.

Urban Fantasy and Magical Realism BOOKS

The Rock and The Rainbow Serpent Series

Book 1 Now Available at Amazon

  1. The Hourglass of Lochleigh

2. The Hourglass of e’hoche’en

The Hourglass of e'Hoche'en. Books Vicky McGahey

3. The Hourglass of Ephesus

Cover for this Hourglass adventure is about to be designed! GOODIE!

Leadership BOOKS

Leading Communuty in Disruptive Times

  1. Leadership Attributes for Women and Men
Leadership Attributes

2. Lead with Grace (a free book)

Vicky McGahey Books

Vicky McGahey Books